Mobile Marketing

According to an advance research, about one million mobiles are been activation per day. With this huge figure of mobile activation the era of PC is passing rapidly. Softnos Technologies has observed that it’s not easy to get maximum ranking of a brand or business without mobile marketing service.

Mobile Phone has all facilities that enable the user to access any business by a single click. That is why mobile marketing cannot be overlooked by any mean. We use different experimented strategies to advertise your business through mobile phone. Our strategies will surely meet your business needs. Marketing through Smartphone is an enormous opportunity for business.

Our work strategies:

We use different sort of marketing campaigns to attain a top ranking for your business. With mobile marketing, we can communicate with targeted audience in a more personal way. So, it’s an easy way to convince a client for some services. Well, at Softnos Technologies we are offering the following   mobile marketing services:

  1. promotion via SMS
  2. precise targeting
  3. mobile first design

Our mobile marketing is based upon cross search channels like browsing history. With this information we target the right audience to get a worthy response. we use SMS and other social apps services to promote your business through mobile phone.